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LLA 2017 Newsletter



Mission Statement


The Loch Lomond Association’s mission is to serve as the lead lobbying group representing water users, riparian owners and companies providing shore-side facilities. To achieve these aims, the Association will do its utmost to -

  • Faithfully represent and to protect the interests of its Members.

  • Co-operate with all authorities necessary to achieve solutions where changes may affect Member’s interests.

  • Promote understanding of environmental issues affecting the waters and shores of Loch Lomond.

  • Collaborate with other groups concerned with improving environmental protection and conservation.

  • Seek solutions where conflict of interests may arise between differing water user groups.

The Association proposes to the National Park Authority amendments to by-laws, introduce compulsory Third Party Insurance for power vessels and implement safety measures. We seek increased powers for Park Rangers to secure compliance with by-laws. We will be involved in the consultation stages of the Park Plan when all of these matters will be reviewed.

The problem of vandalism on the shores, has been highlighted and with our encouragement the NPA have revived the East Loch Lomond visitor Management Group to seek solutions and raise funding to improve visitor facilities.

By part funding, the LLA has helped the NPA to site six lit buoys marking a safe passage into the River Leven. The pledges of donations to help that project has created a way to assist other improvements for navigation aids on the Loch.

We have therefore established a “Navigation Fund” and you are invited to contribute by donation if you agree this can benefit all Loch users. The LLA appreciates these generous offers of support and will use the funds to enhance safety on the waters.

Among other projects for 2005, we will propose adding swimming beach markers on Inchmoan and investigate establishing short-stay facilities for boats wishing to visit shoreside facilities. This will require collaboration from all involved parties and not an expectation that the NPA alone should provide these.

Being a voluntary organisation we are entirely dependant on your subscriptions.